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Date: 12 May 2016
Benedykt. A new life with Mario


Benedykt is a Polish lady that, thanks to our Mario (a true gentleman), regained control over her life. Today Benedykt shared with us her story, a common story to thousands (probably millions) of similar ones.

Benedykt suffers a congenital malformation of the descending aorta. Rarely this involves a lowering of the pressure. In the worst case scenario, Benedykt loses her senses progressively and for this, she never gets out alone from home as she fears (rightly) that she might not be able to ask for help.

Our Mario has given to Benedykt the strength that she was missing, and thanks to it, Benedykt is never alone anymore and can conduct a normal life; infact she now gets out on her own whenever she wants.

Today Benedykt needed Mario’s help and launched a satellite SOS while driving to the local supermarket. The SOS immediately reached her son, reporting the precise location where the emergency started.

Thanks Mario for saving our Benedykt.
Thanks Benedykt for sharing your story. Very glad to be any help.

More on Mario here:

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