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Date: 14 Jun 2016
Black Box – All the truth


In all countries, driving a vehicle requires an insurance policy that covers public liability.
The calculation of the insurance premium for this coverage is often “creative” and is made of discriminating variables:

– age
– geographic region
– sex

The use of technology should be able to provide scientific data on which to assess the driving style of drivers, and consequently allow for the calculation of premiums based on personal risk.

This (if it was true) would eliminate all discriminating issues when calculating individual insurance premiums.

Industry studies claim that 1 out of 4 customers do not wish to install the black box as it may violate the customers privacy.

Mobisat® formula solves this problem: the customer must own the black box data.

In Mobisat┬«’s own vision, the customer (if wishes so), may choose to show some data to the insurance company (driving style, vehicle crash reports etc.) in order to get a transparent and customized quotation of the insurance premium, based on scientific criteria.


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