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Date: 28 Jan 2020
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can you spot the differences?

Can you spot the differences? And I mean the technical differences (not the colors of course)…

Firstly let tell you some facts:

  1. The Chinese dongle (Ton Won) was in the market 3 years in advance the other 3 pieces.
  2. All of these mount the same chipset: ELM37
  3. What data can these read, depends on which OBDII protocol the firmware is able to read.
  4. None of this connects your car. They read data from the vehicle and send it to a provider by taking advantage of the user data connection (yes, they will not work if the user mobile phone is not connected via Bluetooth to the dongle).

Now that these differences are clear, let’s discuss the pricing.

The Chinese one (Ton Won) is sold to the market at $5,00 per piece (pricing goes down for bulk quantities). We are talking about a one time fee.

All others go from €75,00 to €99,00 per YEAR!

Crazy isn’t it?

But that is not the craziest thing.

Those makers of the most expensive version claim that their products is able to perform tasks such as:

  • Tracking. FALSE! Tracking is done by the user smartphone.
  • Crash detection. FALSE! Also done by relying on the user smartphone accelerometer.
  • bCall or SOS call. FALSE. The signal is sent by the user from its smartphone.
  • Sending vehicle KM and DTC to the dealership. FALSE! Odometer value is not readable through OBD and DTCs are not sent to anywhere if the user is not connected to the Dongle with its smartphone.

    All these devices need the user’s Smartphone to work. If the driver has Bluetooth off, or if it changes smartphone, or if it isn’t driving his vehicle, all OBD data is lost forever (these devices don’t have internal memory).


    We came up with a solution that is much more reliable as the dongle does not need the user smartphone at all. It connects to a small device with a data connection that provides real-time tracking, crash detection, besides dozens of incredible services.

    All details here.

    If you want to learn more about our solutions (we are currently connecting MV AGUSTA motorbikes and KIA vehicles), book a call with us today.

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