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Date: 28 Jan 2020

More about connecting vehicles

can you spot the differences?

Can you spot the differences? And I mean the technical differences (not the colors of course)…

Firstly let tell you some facts:

  1. The Chinese dongle (Ton Won) was in the market 3 years in advance the other 3 pieces.
  2. All of these mount the same chipset: ELM37
  3. What data can these read, depends on which OBDII protocol the firmware is able to read.
  4. None of this connects your car. They read data from the vehicle and send it to a provider by taking advantage of the user data connection (yes, they will not work if the user mobile phone is not connected via Bluetooth to the dongle).

Now that these differences are clear, let’s discuss the pricing.

The Chinese one (Ton Won) is sold to the market at $5,00 per piece (pricing goes down for bulk quantities). We are talking about a one time fee.

All others go from €75,00 to €99,00 per YEAR!

Crazy isn’t it?

But that is not the craziest thing.

Those makers of the most expensive version claim that their products is able to perform tasks such as:

  • Tracking. FALSE! Tracking is done by the user smartphone.
  • Crash detection. FALSE! Also done by relying on the user smartphone accelerometer.
  • bCall or SOS call. FALSE. The signal is sent by the user from its smartphone.
  • Sending vehicle KM and DTC to the dealership. FALSE! Odometer value is not readable through OBD and DTCs are not sent to anywhere if the user is not connected to the Dongle with its smartphone.

    All these devices need the user’s Smartphone to work. If the driver has Bluetooth off, or if it changes smartphone, or if it isn’t driving his vehicle, all OBD data is lost forever (these devices don’t have internal memory).


    We came up with a solution that is much more reliable as the dongle does not need the user smartphone at all. It connects to a small device with a data connection that provides real-time tracking, crash detection, besides dozens of incredible services.

    All details here.

    If you want to learn more about our solutions (we are currently connecting MV AGUSTA motorbikes and KIA vehicles), book a call with us today.

    I nostri migliori saluti

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Date: 18 Jun 2017



Dear Mobisat fan!

Lately, we’ve released several updates for Greenbox (which will soon be presented in detail on these pages):

– Video simulation of the Dynamics of a Crash
– New maps (OSM)
– New geo intelligence engine for our positioning services
– New telematic engine for remote diagnosis of vehicles

Everything comes to our customers in full respect Mobisa’s philosophy: TOTALLY FREE!

But now we need you!
We are about to release an huge update that we are sure you will appreciate:

The new feature will allow you to create points of interest on maps (circles, rectangles, polygons).
You will be able to request an event (or alarm) when an object (satellite system, vehicle, person, etc.) enters (target) or exits the designated area.

The POIs will be of 2 kinds:

  1. Private: The POIs you create will be visible only in your Greenbox account.
  2. Public: You can share POIs within the Mobisat community

POIs will be grouped into categories:
– restricted traffic area
– hotels
– restaurants
– landscapes-
– clients
– providers
– public entities
– self-administration
– bar
– Stage
– sport events
– cinema
– service areas
– etc.

The new release will be available next week in it’s BETA version, only 50 users will be granted to test the beta (free).

If you are interested in becoming a Mobisat beta tester please write to us with your email address (must be the email with which you are accessing Greenbox).

Please note:
– Only the first 50 people will be able access the program
– Only Italian users will be able to participate
– The beta will be released on Monday, the 26th and the last day to subscribe is Sunday the 25th (June)
– Beta testers will be able to send us their feedback via ticket from this page.
You can subscribe right now 🙂

We wish you all a very plesant day!

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Date: 6 Jul 2016

Point of view


Dear Mobisat fans,

We just released to all stores Greenbox version, available now for PC, Android and Windows Phone (Apple’s version will be published within the week).

What’s new?

  • Bearing. It is the GPS / GNSS directional angle. It is now possible checking the travelling direction of any remote object by a directional arrow appended to all icons on real-time services (such as Where is). Current beta version of the service is in continuous and constant improvement.
  • Network Off. In those circumstances in which the internet connection is lost or unavailable, the Mobile application will not lose your account credentials thus avoiding to having to repeat signing in.

We announce that in the (very) near future, we will release new products and services that we hope will excite our customers as much as ourselves.

We wish our clients a pleasant day.