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Date: 1 Oct 2017


Mobisat® VCDR: Video Crash Dynamic Report

No one wants accident to happen, especially the 38.000 people killed and the 1.6 million injured in European road accidents each year.

eCall – the European in-vehicle emergency system, speeds up the response time of rescue services in the event of an accident.

This can help reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic-related accidents.

Every second counts!

A car without eCall does not get an automatic response after an accident.

Every moment that passes after an accident occurs is crucial. Any time wasted could put your life at risk.

A car with eCall installed, enables emergency services to get to it quickly.

These precious minutes can be the difference between life and death.

eCall technology has existed for about a decade, but now is the time to install eCall in every vehicle, worldwide.

eCall requires the upgrade of PSAPs – Public Safety Answering Points – so they are cable of handling eCalls, automatically providing them with:

the location,
the time,
vehicle information,
driver information,
and the severity of the incident.

To help PSAP staff identify serious incidents from minor collisions, Mobisat® invents VCDR technology: Video Crash Dynamic Report. A comprehensive 10-second video report, showing the dynamics of each accident, and the activity
of the vehicle on a virtual map.

Let’s work together to make eCall a reality!