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Date: 4 May 2016

Galileo? We are ready!

galileo call earth
Swiss u-blox today launched a firmware release that adds Galileo constellation support to u-blox multi-GNSS (GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo) timing receiver modules.

This release brings advancements in integrity, jamming and spoofing detection, as well as support for Galileo (Europe) and improved BeiDou (China) performance.

Even if the Galileo positioning constellation haven’t yet been completed, this is an important step towards a future that will impact our lives in ways that we cannot even imagine.

Initial services will be made available by the end of 2016. Then as the constellation is built-up beyond that, new services will be tested and made available, with system completion scheduled for 2020.

More Galileo news very soon

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Date: 2 May 2016

The 77th element

Few know about Iridium, a Franco-Italian satellite constellation, a Thales Alenia Space property (former Alcatel, holds 67% of shares, Italian Finmeccanica 33%).

Iridium comes from Iridium, the periodic table’s 77th element, as the constellation (after its completion) will count 77 satellites.

Currently 66 satellites orbiting over the entire earth’s surface (Iridium is available to non-covered latitudes by other positioning constellations) at a very impressive altitude of 780Km from Earth (compared to 33000 km of other satellites such as GPS).

Iridium allows voice and data connectivity by both Iridium devices and market Smartphones (using Iridium own portable router). Connections can be opened in situations in which mobile phones would not usually work (such as the north pole, in the ocean, etc.).

To us (as clients) Iridium is a valid alternative to the GPS monopoly, but the costs for connectivity are still uncompetitive and technologies are closed.

Peculiar that Iridium is also a well-known eye drops.

Anxiously we will be awaiting the European constellation completion Galileo.

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Date: 27 Apr 2016

Online the new website

new web

Online our new website.

Among all news, our blog where we will publish updates, news and articles related to our work and our world.

During the forthcoming 2 weeks, we will focus on revising the content and updating the website accordingly. After this short test period, we will publish the website in 10 languages aiming at offering a better service to our clients in their home country.

Suggestions? Comments? You are welcome and on the right place.

to you all, we wish a pleasant day