This agreement governs the ethical and deontological obligations of Mobisat® against you, as a customer and user of our services.



MOBISAT® protects your privacy, recognizing that you, the customer, retain total ownership of the data collected on Mobisat® servers, of whatever nature they may be, such as, for example, tracking data collected by your devices.


Never, under any circumstances (without your express consent) will your data be sold or shared with private and/or public bodies, such as, for example, insurance companies, police, etc.


You, the customer, as owner of the data collected retain total control over it. Therefore, you have the right and power to delete autonomously, without giving notice and without limitation, any information belonging to you, of any nature, including your personal data and tracking data collected on MOBISAT® servers.



MOBISAT® is committed to providing you with a friendly and fast support whenever you need. Support will be offered free of charge, with the same quality criteria, for the duration of the life of the product you purchased, regardless of any other statement or guarantee made.



MOBISAT® guarantees to all its customers the maximum level of security when using our IT services, such as Greenbox, Dealer Station, eCommerce, etc. All digital information exchanged between MOBISAT® servers and client devices (such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) is encrypted with standard security protocols (TSL/SSL). Our servers and applications are constantly updated and monitored to allow us to catch and neutralize any kind of cyber and/or viral attack.



MOBISAT® offers its customers an IT environment that allows us to guarantee 99.95% service uptime at 95% performance. We know what it means to count on data accuracy, especially in case of an emergency like a theft, car accident or distress call. Since we are users of our services, we demand that the service meet these exceptional high standard in order to act quickly in situations of danger where every second counts.



Keeping up with technology is a complex process, a challenge that in Mobisat® we take very seriously. Our customers know that the services we offer are updated and improved daily. Our goal is to offer you cutting-edge technology which is at least 3 years ahead of similar services offered by our competitors. MOBISAT® is committed to constantly improve so that you, the customer, can enjoy state of the art technologies, of the best quality, in a constant growing environment.



We value your feedback and every opinion. It is not uncommon for our customers to find out that the features they suggested became available for the benefit of the entire community. With this agreement we undertake to provide you with immediate feedback for any comment, proposal or suggestion that you share with us. Test us! Write to us immediately at this email address:


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